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Matthias Löscher, aka Matt Pedals

Critically acclaimed and multi- award winning guitarist Matthias Löscher, aka ’Matt Pedals,’ works as a freelancing musician and composer and currently lives in New York City. He is featured on countless records and has released seven albums as a leader/ co-leader

His resume includes concerts in clubs and festivals, TV and radio broadcast shows, live studio recordings, and album productions all over Europe and the United States.

Matt Pedals is founding member of THE RUFF PACK (co-lead with Daru Jones and Stephan Kondert), a group that combines elements of Jazz and HipHop to a new style.

Furthermore he is a regular member of S.K. Invitational, the Werner Zangerle Quartet and has collaborated with David Murray, Justin Brown, Hamid Drake, Lylit, TY, Blak Twang, Neue Oper Wien, Felix Mitterer, Rogerio Bocatto, Julia Fischer, Blumentopf, TY, TEXTA and many others.

Löscher was awarded the prestigious ’Salzburger Jahresstipendium für Musik in 2011’ prize. The committee mentioned the unique ‘Matthias Löscher Sound’ as one of several reasons for their choice:

“his sophisticated, matured sound has been so perfected, one can indeed speak of a distinctive style. Löscher has his own distinctive form of musical expression, regardless of whether he is moving within Jazz, HipHop or Pop realms.”