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Christoph ‘Pepe’ Auer – alto sax, bcl
Matthias Löscher – guitar

Matthias Pichler – bass

Peter Kronreif – drums

ML4 was founded in 2004. Matthias Löschers’ music played by this group is intentionally composed for the members of ML4. Coming from diverse backgrounds, such as new classical music, european Jazz, the New York Jazz and HipHop scenes,the band has established it’s own, unique sound. Their particular instrumentations, colours, phrasing and dynamics emerge from their live interactions.


The Debut Album (2007, ATS-Records) documents these early stages of developement. Some compositions where written by Löscher even before founding ML4, some later, but most of them shortly before the recording session. The connection between all those pieces is the „voice“ of the collective. Hence, „Vox“, which means „Voice“ in Latin, is not just the titel of a piece and the Album, but also symbolizes the character of the Band, described above.

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„thoughts&ideas”- title and content of the new Album of the “Matthias Löscher Quartet”. The guitarist and composer, currently based in New York, has created music by combining several styles that he has experienced as a musician in the last couple of years. Jazz, HipHop as well as Rock might be identified in this music that does not regard any musical conventions or stylistic reservations. The guitarist’s long time working band has developed a unique sound that provides the basis for Löscher’s music.   “My goal is simply to write good songs that tell stories.”

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