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songs of life


The new program of guitarist and composer Matthias Loescher tells stories of everyday life- stories of love, fear, joy, sadness and beauty; stories that are part of our everyday existence as humans.

Loescher, who’s been traveling the world in the last 15 years as a musician, observed and took in many of these stories: sometimes a whole plot, sometimes only a glimpse of an idea rushing by. With an open heart and mind these stories were given a musical existence.

As a native Austrian, Loescher was raised with classical music. After 10 years of playing cello, he switched to the guitar. The musical infrastructure of a “song” has always been one of Loescher’s main compositional tools; most prominently showcased in the duo album with Austrian singer Lylit.

Both as a composer and guitarist, he has a reputation of moving far beyond stylistic restrictions. Loescher’s premise is good music – genre and style are of secondary importance in that regard.

With Jazzmeia Horn, Loescher has found the perfect voice to bring the elements of the songs alive.





Jazzmeia Horn – vocals