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the ruff pack

matthias löscherguitars

stephan kondertbass

daru jonesdrums

Based in New York City and Vienna, THE RUFF PACK (TRP) consists of three musicians: Stephan Kondert, Matthias Löscher, and Daru Jones; blending the improvisational nature and compositional complexity of Jazz with the rustic groove and frenetic energy of Hip-Hop.

Modeled after the “classic” jazz guitar trio, TRP visualizes instrumental Hip-Hop through live instrumentation. To date, TRP has released two Studio albums: “WITH YOU (2013),” and “Introducing THE RUFF PACK (2010),” and their live-concert DVD, “THE RUFF PACK LIVE” (2011).

Since 2009 they have been touring regularly on both sides of the Atlantic and have been featured at countless jazz, hip-hop clubs and festivals, including:
the “Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)”, “Catch A Fire Festival (Germany)”, the “Red Bull Brandwagen Geheimkonzerttour (Vienna)”, featuring Aloe Blacc, and the “Living Colour: VIVID 25th Anniversary at The Fillmore (San Francisco)”, amongst countless other Jazz, Hip-Hop and various clubs.

As a musical collaboration between Kondert, Löscher, and Jones, the trio has succeeded at weaving together a high musical sophistication with deep soulful grooves. THE RUFF PACK takes listeners on a journey that stimulates mind and heart; come join us.


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CD releases

With You
#HipHoppersForCovers Vol. 1 (EU Version)
the ruff pack live, dvd
Introducing THE RUFF PACK


the ruff pack loop “my ideal”
the ruff pack “l.t.a.i.” (official video)
the ruff pack @Mono HQ “Burn/ LDR Status”
the ruff pack @d’addario studios “With You”
the ruff pack: “rooftop chillin’ ”  (dvd version)
THE RUFF PACK at the Blue Note Jazz Club, New York City
the ruff pack live, dvd